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What is LanDroid?

LanDroid is swiss army knife of network tools for Android OS with simple and handy interface. It's a free application without Ads and annoying stuff.


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Current version: 1.39

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  • Lots of tools, where is the documentation?
  • There is no documentation available. This app is intended for network experts and has very simple interface. If you need information about some of the tools just search for it's name in Wikipedia.

  • OK, I still don't know how to use it. Teach me how to become a hacker or I'll rate you with one star.
  • (Yep, I receive a lot of such "requests")
    LanDroid is not a hacking tool. It's a network troubleshooting tool. There are plenty of free online resources and trainings if your are interested in IT security.

  • The interface is a way to simple, could you make it richer and more convenient?
  • The uniqueness of LanDroid is it's tiny size, lightness and backward compatability. This is part of my philosophy, I love the simple and minimalistic things. If I decide to create a paid application, it'll have all the good stuff for sure.

    An example: In the LocalNet tool, in order to be able to view the wifi SSID/BSSID on modern Android versions you need to grant Location permissions (a privacy measure by Google). If I add an automatic, interactive request for location permission, I'll have to include additional library which will add 1MB to the app size (60k) and break the compatibility and support for many old devices.


    Thanks to all people that help us improve Landroid.
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